MacRitchie Reservoir Park

I have always admired people who make videos of their travels. Their videos are so fun to watch and I’ve always wanted to do one for myself. I’m just not too confident to take on that task and I’m really scared of not looking good in videos. It is all too real. But I figured that since I am turning 30 in the next few months, I should accept myself for who I am and how I look with flaws and all. I also thought that I needed a better equipment like a GoPro or I need to be good in editing to make videos. Then I read yesterday from a blog called LifeListed by Danny Dover that the best way to learn to do something is to actually do it. Instead of reading things on how to lose weight, start exercising and eating healthy. Instead of reading on how to code, start coding. And for my own personal goal of making travel videos, instead of buying a GoPro or a better camera, just settle on using my iPhone and start shooting in video mode and edit it in one of the apps available in the App Store. In the video below, I used the Splice app by GoPro.

So here’s my first ever video. Perfect timing to do one as well because my mom wanted to go hiking at one of the trails here in Singapore. We woke up extra early on a holiday (Eid Mubarak!) and finished at noon with 19,000 steps clocked on my Health app.

I plan to do more videos while in Singapore as practice for my future travels. Practice makes perfect. Just like how I do in my writing and in my book reviews. Thank You Lord.






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